Saturday, July 24

Project Looking Glass by Sun Microsystems

This is amazing!

Project Looking Glass by Sun Microsystems

telecom experience

have been lately toying with the idea to start consulting or do contract work for telecom clients - there is definitely a lot to offer here - specially in the category of next generation network NgN analysis tools development. such tools are invaluable to telco's who want to save money and time troubleshooting their networks as well as recover revenues that may be falling through the cracks. lets see how far this goes. must find a good PR first.

bloodbath may be getting over on the street

The Bottom is near - SmartMoney

MSFT - a dividend play?

MSFT announced it would distribute a special dividend of $3 per share, buy back significant amount of shares in the open market over the next couple of years and double its regular dividend. What does it all mean for the company and for current or future shareholders?

Noticeable is several announcements timed very carefully by the company to neutralise any effects of the buyback / dividends may have on the stocks valuation.

Slate is on sale
The "D" word - WSJ login required
MSFT to hire up to 7000 more employees
How to handle MSFT dividends


when i bought my VFR i had no idea how much i will begin to like it. it was almost with some hesitation that i got it. but then things got zippy pretty soon. i now use it every day in the summer.

I am finally in the blog world

It had to happen someday, it was just a matter of time. A momentary spurt of "irrational exuberance" from my otherwise slothy existence prompted me to post some photos i have taken in the past, to my companion photoblog - photochomp. If anyone ever visits it, it is testimony to my theory that there are an awful lot of people online who have nothing better to do!