Saturday, July 24

telecom experience

have been lately toying with the idea to start consulting or do contract work for telecom clients - there is definitely a lot to offer here - specially in the category of next generation network NgN analysis tools development. such tools are invaluable to telco's who want to save money and time troubleshooting their networks as well as recover revenues that may be falling through the cracks. lets see how far this goes. must find a good PR first.


Anonymous arctica said...

Telecomms in utah? The art of the RFP is dead here. When you can sell PRIs to companys just to tell them that its the only way to get caller ID and beleive it then you know you are on a winner.

Can I have that voice over ip thing, i hear its cheaper and better. I only have a linksys hub as my network gear, so I know it will be ok.

Arghh Mormons are a license to print telco money mu ha ha ha. go for it

6:31 PM  

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