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FreeBSD is an open source Berkeley Sockets version of UNIX. Touted as the most robust and stable as well as popular TCP/IP stack in the world, Yahoo's websites run on FreeBSD servers. It is not Linux. I chose FreeBSD to install it on an older PC which was recently replaced with a much cheaper and 4 times faster, bigger, lighter, .... Dell PC for Windows stuff. The older PC is a multiprocessor PIII machine and one of the bigger concerns for installing anything on it was to make sure SMP support was available in the OS Kernel. Secondly, I had some experience installing Gentoo Linux on yet another older PC and I really loved the "portage" feature of Gentoo. However, the hardware support for Gentoo was dismal (at least in my experience). So I chose FreeBSD, even though it is not Linux. The Gentoo portage has been incidentally copied from the "ports" utility in FreeBSD and therefore I got the best of both worlds in choosing this OS. Additinally, I wanted something that would also support Asterisk - the open source IP PBX.

Current status of this project is as follows:
1. Installed FreeBSD base OS
2. Installed FreeBSD common packages
3. Installed FreeBSD Ports utility
4. Installed X and Gnome GUI components
5. Configured kernel settings for Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) and other hardware specific options/devices, and rebuilt the entire kernel for this custom hardware.
6. Installed the new custom kernel with SMP support in place of original kernel.

Next steps to do are:
1. Configure system to boot with a desktop manager (mostly Gnome).
2. Get CVSup port
3. Configure CVSup to use Asterisk
4. Download latest source and binaries for Asterisk via CVSup.
5. Compile Asterisk for server.

Other next steps for making this an intranet server are:
1. Configure inetd.conf file to start appropriate internet servers (telnet, ftp, www, samba)
2. Re-Start inetd (and thus other network services)
3. Configure NFS Server
4. Configure Print Server and spooler
5. Configure domain name and hostnames


The woods are lovely dark and deep...
but I have promises to keep...
And miles to go before I sleep...
Miles to go before I sleep.


Blogger chompi said...

Status Update:

1) Completed installation of a desktop GUI. I chose GNOME for now. Chosing between KDE and GNOME happens to be a religious war. Here's an interesting way to look at the two.
2) Completed getting the CVSup port. Now I can checkout/get latest all source code directly from the repo. This will hopefully help with keeping kernel bug fixes related to SMP current.
3) Completed compilation of apache http server.

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