Wednesday, May 18

Globalization and Poverty - Part Deux

A while ago i had mused on how I thought Globalisation will reduce poverty in the world is a false thesis. Here's a link to that article.

NPR is currently running a weeklong special on globalization. On Wednesday (today) they telecast a discussion on globalization and poverty. You can tune in for the retelecast by KCPW at 7pm or listen live at the same time on KCPW website.

Here's NPRs brief about the program:

Garrick Utley and Kojo Nnamdi host this town hall style discussion. The show features discussion with experts on globalization, economics and global poverty. Panelists include John Ambler (Oxfam), Adrian Wooldridge (The Economist), Professor Jagdish Bhagwati (Council on Foreign Relations), Professor Allan Meltzer (Carnegie Mellon University), and Professor William Easterly (New York University). Listen for “Globalization and Poverty,” Wednesday at 2, with a repeat broadcast at 7 on KCPW.


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