Friday, June 3

Globalization and Poverty - continued...

I do beleive we can make a difference in the world and our understanding of the issues will only help us to make that difference significant.A while ago, the PBS program "Commanding Heights" (a series on global economic history and trends) did a group discussion in which the participants were several high profile "thinkers" of our era. More than "thinkers" many of them were also "doers" meaning they were heads of state, finance ministers, economists, activists.A link to the home page of this discussion is below:

Commanding Heights - Up for Debate

There is a link on the top right of this page called PDF which will launch another page where you can download complete PDF transcripts of all discussions they have had. The "Globalization and Poverty" discussion is towards the bottom of this second page in the "Up for debate" section.


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