Sunday, July 3

The trip about nothing

[ This was a travelogue written for a Road trip to Lake Tahoe in March 2002]

On sunday we got back from our trip to tahoe. It was nice for a change... It was one of those trips when it's not so much the destination, but the journey itself. Definitely felt that way since we drove for over 16 hours to and fro!Burning gas at the rate of 3 gallons an hour, we almost flew to Tahoe on Friday. It started off as a bad dream when my boss wouldn't give me paid vacation. Things didnt get any better when we reached to find out that the hotel had only one room instead of the two we had booked for us and another couple we were supposed to meet. As a result of that we ended up upgrading to a lake-view room for ourselves. Another hour later my friend called and said he was stuck on the highway in a snowstorm and CHP had closed the highway due to accidents... So he turned back towards frisco and cancelled the whole deal... so here we are, in the middle of a snowstorm, in Lake Tahoe just by ourselves and spending inordinate amount of money just to go snowboarding... You'd laugh if i told you we drove all the way there for all that from Utah.... But we did!!! (You see what i mean when I said it's not the destination - but the journey). Anyway, we swallowed the frustration along with the fish and chips and numerous shots of tequila as well as Bushmills on the ice that night and decided to check out the next morning and head home... this was already a nightmare. Early morning the next day Deepa got up and noticed the lake! And her spirits were back. (or maybe it was all the spirits from the night before). And we decided to stay! So we rented a snowboard and went on to the resort (a nice place by the way) for some snowboarding. I think the high point of the trip was that Deepa finally got rid of the fear of getting off the lifts. She managed to do it sweetly without falling over, leaning on, pushing or pulling me along with her to the ground more than once! It was a snowy, stormy afternoon but we got free hot chocolate at the end. It wasn't until on the way back that it dawned on me. That it's not the destination, but it's the journey. Kinda like life itself (if u excuse my platitude).

It was quiet in the car, we were cruising on the freeway as I watched the tachometer tick away the miles every second. When was the last time we did this? Couldn't remember. Some people will tell you how precious it is to be able to admire your car when you are on a long trip. I love my car! I watched the birds sitting on the side of the road with their backs to the freeway waiting for the next car to bring that sudden gust of air, just so they could take flight. As I watched them fly away I noticed the distant storm descending itself on some tiny Nevada village. The vistas and the desert and the peace and the calm, it was all right there and as I watched my baby sleep soundly on the passenger seat, I decided it was time to listen to some music.


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