Wednesday, August 24

Police use excessive force in busting Rave party in Utah County

This is screwed up Man! I am glad I am getting out of this state. Here are links to a few more accounts of what happened:

Syne, DJ from Drum n Bass
Knick, of Evol Intent

Salt Lake Tribune

There's also amateur video's you can download off of these sites showing footage of the actual police brutality.


Blogger Rue St. Michel said...

Although I wasn't there - if I were a cop and I had 800+ intoxicated young people around me ... I wouldn't be holding back "force" when trying to get control over the crowd.
If Buffy can't take a kick in the pants, then she should not go Raving & should find a better way to spend her time. It's time to quit blaming the Police for people who don't know how to behave. I'm sure all these Ravers weren't little girls in pigtails, standing there with Xstasy-laced pacifiers in their mouths. How about a little balance when you unhinged-Lefties get a bee in your bonnet? That must be too much to ask.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Ravi said...

I talked to a cop who was involved int his bust, and what happened and whats being depicted are night and day.

Media can really screw things up and show the stuff only they want to show - Iraq war is a good example.

6:23 PM  

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