Monday, September 26


I read about Inveneo in an IP telephony magazine and on the web. I was delighted to find out that a simple and familiar technology like VoIP is being applied in an unusual way to make communications a reality where it is needed most. I work as a Sr Network Architect for Vonage Networks and have considerable technology and industry experience in this field.

However, something that’s even closer to my heart is the dream to bring access to communications capabilities at the fingertips of rural populations. Their Uganda deployment is a shining example and a proof in a sense that this can indeed be done. As an engineer I have believed that technology can be applied for the benefit of rural communities if the right economic model is put in place. In this context, I have proposed a model for Rural Enterpreneurship and offered myself and my time as a volunteer in such organizations' continuing efforts to bring VoIP to the 3rd world. Being born and brought up in India, my affiliations and inclinations naturally belong to that country more than others. Does anyone know if there are any plans of bringing a similar solution such as the one deployed in Uganda, to Indian villages also? It would be a privilege to get an opportunity to be involved in such a project. As for the Rural Enterpreneurship economic model for bringing communications accessible to rural populations, I would be glad to expound upon it if you send me a message or leave a comment on this blog.

Hearty Congratulations and Warm Regards to Inveneo.